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Tender.fi is revolutionizing decentralized lending by employing leveraged wallets to implement undercollateralized loans on multiple chains.
Artist Management
ANG is fostering a collective of artists that are breaking down boundaries between technology and creativite expression.
NFT Community
We are a passionate team of blockchain enthusiasts who are dedicated to transforming the NFT landscape. With brilliant artists, developers, and leaders at the forefront, we are building a community that stands above the rest.

Our Core Principles


Standing at the cutting edge of technical and cultural evolution, it’s vital that we don’t stop there. Our efforts are unwaveringly focused on fostering a better, brighter future.

Privacy & Security

In the modern era of digital natives, personal information is increasingly valuable. We pledge to be responsible stewards of sensitive data.

Transparency & Integrity

These days trust can be a hard thing to come by. ANG strives to set ourselves apart by leading with honesty and open communication.


Success is a direct result of bringing people together under a shared vision. The more that we build each other up and stand united, the stronger we are and the more we all prosper.


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